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Diamecs Engineering, Ltd. is a translation and localization company based in Russia. We provide a wide range of language-related services. In the course of 20+ years in localization business, Diamecs has won well-deserved reputation of a reliable Russian vendor/partner for many valuable clients all over the world.

Diamecs Engineering, Ltd. is located in Ivanovo, about 300 km north-east of Moscow.
Ivanovo is an established Russian textile centre with almost half a million inhabitants. It is also recognized as an educational centre: its numerous universities provide technical/engineering, economical, legal, medical, and linguistic education.

Our translation/localization team was formed in the early 1990's and focused on translation and software localization. It was the time when the world leading providers of IT solutions, computer software and hardware started to cultivate the Russian market actively. Since then the growth potential of the Russian IT market has considerably increased, establishing greater opportunities.

As a result, a great number of translation and localization companies were founded by enthusiasts in Russia. Those companies were mostly staffed with amateur programmers and qualified users but professional linguists were rare. That led to uncertainty in translation styles and inconsistency in terminology. Given this, an idea evolved to make a strong team of professionals in all fields of translation-related expertise.

In 1995, the team joined Diamecs, Ltd.

In 1999, the company name was changed to Diamecs Engineering, Ltd.
The new name more obviously represents the seamless integration of our translation services with software development and testing, DTP and all other localization-related activities.

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