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Diamecs Engineering, Ltd. utilizes the majority of standard CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) and QA (Quality Assurance) tools to meet the diverse client needs. We are using their latest versions with all required updates (patches).

Essential quality of translation is impossible unless state-of-the-art translation and quality check toolkits are used and continually improved.

From the very beginning, we have paid special attention to quality, retaining high overall speed of translation. For this reason, we have developed our proprietary translation toolkits to facilitate translation and quality assurance. Their first designs and versions were rather simple to allow the automatic search for and translation of duplicate phrases and sentences. As a result of permanent improvement and perfection of our technologies, we have developed a powerful non-commercial translation system with enhanced functionality.

The Diamecs Translation System DiaTools logo is a result of continuous efforts and collaboration between our software engineers and linguists.
It is an open architecture solution, 100%-compliant with the industry-leading CAT and QA tools. Now it is a common environment for almost all translation projects done at Diamecs Engineering, Ltd. This approach helps to avoid spending extra time on training and learning the resources while focusing on the translation process. Team-oriented design and network capabilities enable all the members to maintain a uniform style, share best practices and learn from each other. Powerful QA features facilitate quality assurance procedures.

The Diamecs Translation System DiaTools logo itself is a praiseworthy addition to all industry standard CAT and QA tools supported by Diamecs Engineering, Ltd.

State-of-the-art translation and quality check tools
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